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Sunday, August 31, 2003

LEGALIZE IT Here's a good reminder (if it's still needed) of why we need to end the counterproductive prohibition of drugs. Jacob Sullum finds it particularly impressive given who Tennant, who is now advocating the decriminalisation (yes I know, but it's a start), used to be as Reagan's chief anti-drug warrior:

This is the same man who made waves in the 1980s by promoting a home eye test kit to help parents detect and deter drug use by their children. Parents were supposed to administer the test every few days, beginning when their kids were about 7. No one could have accused Forest Tennant of being soft on drugs.

True. That makes it all the better that he has changed his mind. Hopefully this is just the beginning. That the war on drugs is a complete failure cannot have gone unnoticed and that's why I hope that its supporters swallow their pride and admit that they were wrong. This is as good a space as any to link to the Cato Institute's classic on drugs legalization.

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