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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Since the first in this series he's actually left Downing Street, seemingly into complete nothingness; no press conferences, no grand standing alternative careers (yet) and no more "Blair - the legacy bla bla bla" stories. So, here's my second look-back. One thing Blair loved was changing names, for various nefarious purposes no doubt and not just because he was superficial and ineffectual. My example is this: under Thatcher there was introduced an experiment in regional policy called Enterprise Zones. Ghastly Thatcherite free-marketeering zealotry I think you'll agree, and of course Blair always warned us he was the only thing that stood between Ye Olde Iron Lady returning (or somesuch). So, out with Enterprise Zones, and hello Enterprise Areas (what a difference!).

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Friday, July 13, 2007

So, further to this story about banning racist TinTin books, Tim Worstall has a good example of food that would probably not be marketed like this in the UK . . . .
Which brings me neatly to my own humble contribution: In Germany you can buy an ice cream from supermarkets called Nogger (yes, I had to read it twice too). Chocolate ice cream, as if it needed saying. Looking for some clear images of it, I stumbled upon this somewhat unfortunate historical record. Could be worse, though I'm not sure how? Ok, I guess if he was seen next to it, or eating it, might be worse. Though just to finish this, an animal in Heidelberg Zoo is called Nogger - a monkey, in case your wondering.
Seriously though, I'm not really sure when I look at this and Worstall's example, are we Brits a little too uptight and overly sensitive or is it -in this case- the Germans and Portugese who are a little off?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm sure I'm not the only rubbing his eyes over this story, Giant man-eating badgers stalk Basra:
now a plague of giant man-eating badgers are stalking the streets of Basra at
night according to residents.
The city, already prey to a nasty turf war
between rival militia factions, has now been gripped by a scary rumour that the
giant animals are attacking humans
Of course, out-of-control badgers are not a new topic on this blog.
But to be serious again, what's the real cause here:

Scientists have speculated that the badgers' numbers are on the increase because of efforts to reflood the marshlands north of Basra that Saddam Hussein had drained to quell insurgency among Shia Marsh Arabs.

So, to sum up, Saddam caused the problem, and the Coalitions redemptive measures leave much to be desired. I’ve got a feeling that line has a familiar ring to it . . .
To wrap up, Via NRO, there's this strangeness. Huh?


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