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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

UN'S IRAQ SHOCK It is genuinely sad what has happened at the UN's HQ in Baghdad of course. However it should not come as a surprise. I had just noted last Monday (scroll down, permalinks on strike, sorry), that there was little indication that the UN was anymore wanted than the coalition military administration. To be precise, as far as we can tell, the majority of Iraqis are not happy, but at least accepting of the need for outsiders to run their country momentarily. But what we need to understand is that those who don't want the coalition also don't want the UN or anybody else to rebuild Iraq. The people who have been committing the sabotage attacks the past few days want to see the entire occupation project fail, independently of whether it is carried out by HM and US forces or the UN. Whether these are die-hard remnants of the Baathist regime, foreign jihadis or a combination of the two is unclear, but they are all interested in gaining control over Iraq and both the coalition and the UN are in the way. In the end that is why simply bringing in the UN is not going to solve the problems of running the country.


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