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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER GUARDIAN POLL This time it’s on the royal family. If you’re a republican don’t spoil your day and look away now. If you’re not a republican enjoy the good news that support for the institution of the monarchy has actually risen from 43% in November 2002 to 57% now. At least for now it looks like we’ll be spared the ultimate indignity of having to indulge in fascination and barely restrained envy at somebody else’s monarchs. So today have some sympathy with the poor Americans, French and Germans who have no royalty to be awed amused and irritated by. For example consider this fact: big royal events such as marriages in all European kingdoms are broadcast live on German television. So, if you ever happen to be in Germany during Trooping the Colour fear not, German state television will deliver a full live broadcast. Do we want this is Britain? Surely not, so best to keep the Royals however annoying and embarrassing they may be from time to time.

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