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Thursday, November 27, 2003

LIVINGSTONE WASTES MONEY Especially if you're a Londoner do read this excellent post by Oliver Kamm on mayor Ken Livingstone's anti Bush party. I am not going to bother pointing out that Livingstone and his guests are largely wrong in their politics because I made a vow not to comment on Iraq anymore until New Year's.
The question that needs to be asked though is, what justification there can possibly be for the Mayor to be spending Londoner's taxes, paid to a London government to deal with London problems, on issues of international affairs?
On the wider level of course, no government should ever be using tax money to advance a clearly partisan agenda, as opposed to an information campaign for a policy that it was elected to implement. There is a world of difference between the two and someone ought to make this a little clearer to Red Ken.
But one thing is for sure, barring any fantastically awful alternatives, he is not getting my vote when his reelection comes up.

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