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Thursday, November 13, 2003

A SIMPLE ARGUMENT AGAINST ID CARDS Look, I don't see much point going into the details of how the introduction of compulsory id cards would effectively eradicate the presumption of innocence from our legal system and why this is a bad thing. I'm not going to bother with explaining that the police have so far never reported having problems with identifying with criminals, but rather with catching them and ensuring proper prosecutions. No, there's a very straightforward reason against this whole ID card thingy: the cost. This is not, unfortunately, the first time the Government has had the bright idea to connect all a department's computer systems or create a new database altogether. Here is a great example:
Libra court computer system was: 146million , is now up to: 390million
Pretty pricey, no? Well I don't really know if that's pricey though: they don't work yet and at the current rate don't look likely too either in any of our lifetimes. Fiona Mactaggart makes a pathetic attempt at speaking in favour of the scheme. As I say it's an attempt. I'm not really sure because I don't understand what her point is. Perhaps if the Government manages to get these other systems working I could consider reconsidering, but for now: no.

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