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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

DOES ANYBODY IN THE BLOGOSPHERE NOT HATE NEW YEAR'S? The great thing about this virtual world is of course that people can be quite happy about admitting to being weird. Stephen Pollard sparked this whole thing off with a comment on how much he hates New Year's Eve. I haven't pruposefully looked for responses but I have noticed already that Harry of Harry's Place, Ms au currant and the Conservative Commentator also don't much like the whole thing. I could chime in saying I don't much like it either, but then I don't like all the other forced-fun party events either. And for sure, there is quite a lot of them: Weekends, Birthdays, holidays, etc. (To be fair I had a very enjoyable surprise birthday party organised by my better half, but I think this exception sort of confirms the rule, after all, it wasn't expected.) It is just so tedious to have to go to parties where it is expected of you to have a good time, even if you are absolutely not in the mood. Doesn't matter: thou shalt have fun, or else one is stared at and submitted to the inquisition for weirdom. I can't wait for the day to be grown up and not have to put up with such teenie-conformism anymore (BTW I'm 24, as are most of my friends, 'nuff said). But nevermind all of that, I'm in a very good mood right now and look forward to going out and having a fun-time anyway.

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