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Friday, December 05, 2003

GERHARD SCHROEDER'S FOREIGN POLICY PRIORITIES EXPOSED AGAIN Go over to the Medienkritik blog and read this piece by Ray D. on Germany's recent nuclear dealings with China. I just recently warned that the intent desire of some European Union countries to rival the US would lead them to start forming alliances with some very unpleasant characters indeed. So now Gerhard Schroeder is not just openly supporting the "One China" policy, i.e. the destruction of Taiwanese democracy, he's even providing the heirs of Mao with some enhanced nuclear capabilities to deter the US from helping Taiwan. This is another clear sign of what amoral depths a foreign policy motivated by nothing but anti-Americanism will end up in. Always remember that this is the kind of policy that is damaging both to Europe's interests and values that is the main idea behind a common EU foreign policy.


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