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Sunday, December 14, 2003

SADDAM CAPTURED I said I'd break my silence on Iraq if there was a big story, but I hadn't expected it to be this big. It seems Saddam Hussein has been captured. This is the best possible news that could come from Iraq, because with their figure head gone, in the medium-term the motivation of the Baathist insurgents will dwindle. Additionally Iraqis can finally start feeling confident that the old monster isn't coming back, which will improve relations to coalition forces, beacuse the major factor halting cooperation with the coalition is gone. In Baghdad they've already started celebrating:

Volleys of rifle fire also echoed across Baghdad as Iraqis drove around town honking their car horns and giving the V for victory sign, witnesses said.

Yes! This will also make the task of dealing with the jihadist insurgents a lot easier. After a long period of gloom finally some news to bring some optimism into the Iraq situation. Success Day edges closer.

Update: For some bizarre reason, this post appeared datelined for Friday. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who stumbled across the site and thought I can see into the future; just a computer error. Sorry.

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