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Thursday, December 18, 2003

TOO BUSY, TOO LAZY TO BLOG so instead only some cool links today. Here is a blog I discovered via Samizdata that has some interesting ideas about the UN and how future world order might consist more of a sort of global common law.
Madeleine Bunting has the goods on Chirac’s latest stupidity, forbidding French schoolchildren from wearing any religious symbols, primarily Muslim headscarves, but logically also including Christian symbols (crosses, Father Christmas hats,. . . ), Stars of David, Sikh turbans, . . . you name it.
There's some more cool pics at Michael Totten's site, this time giving Saddam some new faces, quite amusing.
And talking of the man, I wonder now that he is in captivity wether he will be allowed to update his excellent blog?
While we are on the issue, I haven't seen the Torygraph story about the 9/11-Saddam link memo appear anywhere else so I suppose it is bunk. I'll do a search someday when I am less busy.
On a more seasonal note, a Johnjoe McFadden, a professor of molecular genetics, explains that altruistic behaviour, such as charity giving, is in fact natural. The result of "The unselfish Gene"
as it were, although I'm going to spoil some of the fun by pointing out what is obvious to people other than Guardian readers: paying taxes isn't charity. Otherwise a fine piece.

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