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Monday, January 12, 2004

ON O’NEILL’S „REVELATIONS“ Paul O'Neill, who was Bush's original finance minister until he was sacked either over political differences or simple incompetence, has revealed that Bush had already asked for ways to topple Saddam only days into the beginning of his term. Is this really a sensational revelation as most news outlets are hyping it up to be? Not quite. Bush had already announced his intention that an administration led by him would try to effect regime change in Iraq while on the campaign trail. So this shouldn't really be treated as such great news. On the other hand, for me personally this was quite a surprise. Why? My dislike of him when he was running for president and when he took office, was his isolationist bent, and I feared the exact opposite on Iraq, namely that Bush wouldn't go after Saddam. Seems I got the Bushies wrong. Thinking back, I can't actually remember why I originally formed that opinion of Bush jr. Might be interesting to go back and find out why. As for O'Neill's claims about Bush's stupidity, Scrapple Face puts that and the Iraq business in perspective. Anyway, if all goes well, I should be able to post about how my false impression of Bush's approach to Iraq came about near the end of the week, because I’m too busy to do so earlier.

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