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Friday, March 26, 2004

OIF/TELIC ONE YEAR ON - SORTING THE OCCUPATION I don't want to vilify opponents of regime change anymore than I aleady have. I think it is high time to let the issue of whether we should have gone into Iraq in the first place rest. It is far more important to concentrate on the question of what we do now.
A successful reconstruction of Iraq is vital for security reasons because a failed Iraq would effectively become an Taliban-Afghanistan writ large and in the heart of the Middle East. So for reasons of security alone everyone should have an interest in seeing success.
Additionally to that is for course the moral imperative to give the Iraqis a chance of freedom and democracy.

- Edward Luttwak is pessimistic about Iraq's reconstruction and democratisation and says it's time to go home,

- Quite an interesting combination of views by various experts: How do we get out of Iraq?

- as so often in this debate the people at the Weekly Standard have the most bullish and dedicated argument on getting Iraq properly democratised

-Laith Kubba, a member of the interim governing body in Iraq argues his case for Iraqi democracy

- Peter Schwartz gives the best argument why we should keep the UN out

- as for those who are trying by violence to prevent Iraq's reconstruction, Martin Woollacott explains why Iraq's insurgents are more nihilist than nationalist.

PS: Because I have some deadlines to meet that I'm seriously behind on at the moment, there will be no blogging until at least Thursday. Until then have a nice weekend and start the week in higher spirits than I will *sigh*.

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