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Saturday, May 22, 2004

BAD ALBUM COVERS Two music postings on the same day, surely a first-time for this blog. Anyway, thanks to Harry's Place For linking to this classic collection of the worst album covers ever. The new ones are good fun, though I have to say I think I could come up with worse Manowar album covers. But at the end of the day, nothing tops "Let me touch him". To which I'm going to reply: Well we would, but that would presumeably be both illegal and immoral, you filthy lot ;) Pure genius.
On a related point, while I was standing in the music shop listening to the Streets I glanced on the album covers of the Sugababes. Now, is it only me, or do they look a little cheap (angels with dirty faces, three)? There's something strangely antiquated in the way the design concept has been realised I might add. Surely, with all the money they spend on their slick videos they could have afforded a decent cover design. But who am I to offer unconstructive criticism? No, if the Sugababies want a decent album cover they can give me a shout. Without wanting to sound overly boastful, I could do a far better job than their current lot, and I would guess for a lot less dosh too.

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