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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

THE FUN OF THE REGULATION STATE Well I'm sure there's sense in most of it, but I can't help but giggle a little at this:

Teachers and parents now face a growing and often confusing checklist of health items that might or might not be allowed in school.
There has been a dispute this week over sun cream - with an eight-year-old boy being banned from bringing it into his Bristol primary school.
The ban was because sun cream was deemed a medication - and as such a potential hazard to other pupils.
Recently teachers were warned by a union that they should apply sun cream to pupils to avoid the risk of litigation over pupils getting sun burn.
Teachers had previously been warned not to apply sun cream to pupils because this could be misinterpreted as an assault.
In another case, schools had been told not to apply sun-tan lotion - in case it caused allergies.

Oh dear.

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