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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Well, England's out of the competition, in fact for quite a while now. Doesn't really bother me particularly, I'm more British rather than English, and anyway sports doesn't much get me emotionally exercised. The only thing I want to write here is to say that Darius Vassell is my favourite England player. I know most of you will be asking themselves, why him? Has he ever scored a goal? Is he a brilliant dribbling master? No, but he pushes forward and runs with and for the ball, even when it's obviously not going to work, only to crash into the enemy. Why do I like that? When I was younger and used to play sports on a regular basis, that's exactly the style of playing that I had. I was never technically any good, so I had to compensate that with full energy input, safe in the knowledge that all opponents were either slower or saner than me. I suppose this evaluation is one of sympathy and identification rather than detached analysis, but it's still true.


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