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Monday, June 14, 2004

LEAVING THE EU WOULD NOT BE A DISASTER After the UKIP's rather strong showing in the EU-parliamentary elections, the question of the UK leaving the EU altogether and for good is one that will undoubtedly be making the rounds. I'm in favour of staying for rather complicated reasons, which I'll expand on sometime in the summer hols. However I think one point on which the Eurofederalists seem intent on digging their own grave is the scare mongering of what will happen if we left. George Kerevan has a nice riposte to that. The one big bonus of withdrawal would be that Europe would disappear off the screen of the national debate. That would mean quite a readjustment, but it would take the poison and mental irritation out of most arguments. I guess that would be something everybody would be glad about. The Eurofederalists may be disappointed and be huffing-and-puffing a bit, but ultimately they would just whither away. After all, if we weren't a member of the EU already, I doubt very much you’d be able to mobilize any substantial number of us to be in favour of becoming one.

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