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Sunday, June 20, 2004

I've been doing some research on US conservatism and neoconservatism for uni and it's bringing a lot of interesting material to my attention. Here are several readable articles on the US neoconservatives that deal with some contemporary interests in them.

One is on the allegation that the neocons are in effect Trotskyites
neocons are in effect Trotskyites in a right-wing dress-up, and are now implementing Trotsky's vision of a global permanent revolution out of the White House. The author is certainly skilful at demolishing a whole number of misconceptions while he goes about his business of trying to disprove the link between Trotskyism and Neoconservatism.

Another piece I would recommend is piece by Adam Wolfson that analyses the relationship between mainstream conservatism in America and its neo offshoot.

What I think should be a must-read however, is this piece by Zachary Selden that explains why the neoconservatives and specifically their views on foreign policy are very much in line with the American mainstream.

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