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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

OBESITY AND ISLAMOPHOBIA POSTS FOLLOW-UP First up obesity. Mark Steyn has an amusing column on obesity that also points out to some factual errors in my own posting. Oh, and he didn't much like Polly's piece either.
On the Islamophobia post let me first of all make apologies for that. I think I have seldomly written such a sloppy and aimless posting as that one. I even considered deleting it, but I think that's a form of historical revisionism that I don't think appropriate in any context, let alone a little-read blog. I was feeling under the weather but for some reason was determined to write the post anyway. Serves me right.
Anyhows, Laban Tall points to Melanie Phillips' take on the same issue and she sure is not heaping praise on it either, though from different perspective. I don't really agree with her but I think it's a challenging argument she makes.

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