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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

WHY I'VE POSTED NOTHING ON D-DAY AND RONALD REAGAN The answer's simply really: nothing to say. Ok, so I'll elaborate a little on that.
Firstly, what could I possible write about D-Day? I am personally opposed to using such events as something on which to hang up the politics of current affairs, so I wasn't going to draw any parallels to Iraq either way. (read the Norm instead.) So I could have written a eulogy to the courage and heroism, or a lament on the horrors of war, but to be honest my rhetorical skills would turn this into mere repeat of clichés. Again, whenever possible I try to avoid clichés, even if that means making my statements incomplete.
Secondly, what should I write about Reagan? I know very little about him and he doesn't arouse any emotions in me, the way he does in many other people, both positive and negative. Reagan just went out of office when I started getting interested in the news, and the election of 1988 is the earliest thing I can remember from US politics. I could mention here, that I was concerned that so few people were interested in voting. Dwelling on that would however descend into cliché so I'm going to stop right here.

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