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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm not so sure what impressed me initially about yesterday's quote. Anyways I remembered that Patrick West made a similar point, and a little more forcefully too:

As has been pointed out, you can describe Americans as planet-spoiling, gun-toting nutcases who are addicted to burgers and capital punishment. It's fine to write about 'Kosher Conspiracies' and Israelis being modern-day Nazis who should be shot. This is because Jews and Americans are not a threat to us.
On the other hand, some people seem terrified of pointing out some home truths about some Arab states. We mustn't upset the Muslims. They're a terribly volatile lot, you know, and if you do they'll get even angrier and start hijacking more planes. Shhh! Don't cause any trouble! Show fawning, blanket tolerance and punish anyone who threatens to rock the boat.


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