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Sunday, July 11, 2004

On the one hand:
Arab nations have called on the UN to take action to ensure Israel's West Bank barrier is torn down.
. . .
It said the barrier infringes the Palestinians' access to schools, hospitals and work and said Israel should pay compensation to those affected.
On the other hand:
Tel Aviv hit by rush hour blast
One person has been killed and 21 wounded - five critically - by a bomb in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.
Police said the device, containing metal bolts, exploded near a bus stop.
Well, I'm sure Israel's security barrier is a nuisance for many Palestinians, but compare difficult access to schools etc. to being blown to bits by glas splinters and razor blades. Some priority the "world community" has set itself. Meryl has some details on the tranzis' concern about the mass murder of Israeli citizens.
Perhaps we could hand over global security, the war on terror and the fight against proliferation and tyranny over to the UN/ICJ/EU/etc. I'm sure the world we be a better place. Right?


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