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Monday, August 09, 2004

A year ago today I made my first posting. Because of this special event I've decided to quote Groan, the Torygraph, the Speccie, Weekly Standard, Prospect or any number of publications to write for them. Look, I'm certainly cheaper than the other people you pay, and anyway, I always give you guys a link. C'mon, gizza a job . . .

Looking back is always a point to look forward too. So what will be happening here in the near future? Several bits and bobs in fact. I'll finally get round to putting up my profile and if I master it I'll get myself some sort of photoblogging thingy up and running. Also I want to change the design of the site a little. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but expect to see a change in the next few days.
Along with the design change I'll be updating my blogroll too. First up I'll be sending the sleeping blogs off away until they perhaps wake up. So, it'll be goodbye to au currant, Full Spectrum Democracy, Beirut Calling and UK Free Democracy. Blogs come and go quite rapidly and too often the ones you really like reading vanish so quickly. Gil Shterzer's was always worth reading and often had some cool popular culture stuff. I also wonder what became of Mrs LibDem? Politically quite disagreeable, but actually well written.

Some go, others come: Voice of the Future, written by a man who has good taste in music and a voice of a younger type of conservative (hence the title I suppose), House of Dumb is often witty, though quite to the right of me, God save the Queen I've have also been reading for a while now, lots of good analysis. There are a lot of other good blogs out there, some of them I read fairly regularly, but I can't make up my mind which ones to link to. Additionally I once had this ambition to cut down the number of links on my roll, but I think they are just going to increase after all.

As befits such an occasion I also have a lot of good intentions. Number one would certainly be to have a posting a day. I've been posting for a year now and I just have little over 200 posts here. Add to that the fact that I actually made up statistically in the last few weeks when there was less time-pressure on me from uni. I hope I can somehow get that sorted in future with my final year approaching rather fast.

It's is fine tact to thank you all my readers, and of course I do; wouldn't really be that much point in running a blog entirely for myself now would there. Thanks of course also to those of you who link to me.

Anyhows, that's a brief glimpse towards good things to come; there will be more, so keep reading . . .



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