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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I’m sorry that I hadn’t returned to proper blogging yet, but I’m going to have to put another delay in. I’m going ot be on a very deserved holiday and won’t have much internet access in that time.
I have calculated that I will be away for eleven days. So, for every one of those I have one old fave:
-Today: Bishop of Hulme trying to ban “I vow to thee my country”,
post 1, post 2
-Monday: anti-Bush books in Germany
-Tuesday: Today, fifteen years ago, the Berlin wall came down. Semi-poically therefore a comparison between German and British economic development since.
-Wednesday: outbreak of World War One and what it means to Britain’s identity.
-Thursday: Remembrance Day, post of 2003
-Friday: historical lessons we should have learnt from Hitler.
-Saturday: my Iraq wobble
-Sunday: Given that quite some people are claiming that Bush only won because of religious loons , a more general look at religion in the US
-Monday: how the terror-“rogue state”-nexus works
-Tuesday: Why we should cut the EU common agricultural policy
-Wednesday: A look at a strange age gap in British attitudes towards America

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