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Sunday, November 28, 2004

In an otherwise sound piece on the Tories’ wayward drifts, Gerald Warner goes slightly drifting a-wayward himself:

The crass notion that Labour has stolen the Tories’ clothes does not stand up to any factual scrutiny. It is the Tories who have lost their sense of identity and their nerve. They have six months to recover both and save us from a one-party socialist state.

That sounds realistic. You mean a one-party state, like say, the former East Germany, or perhaps more along the lines of the Stalinist Soviet Union. And why stop there? Will Tony Blair be the next Pol Pot? Please give me a break. Even if Labour wins, that’s the last time they will. They are going to self-destruct in their next term, and however awful the Tories are, they will get in. Oh, yeah, though they might have to form a coalition with the LibDems ;)

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It always amuses me to hear people saying that if the Tories lose the next election they will disappear forever. Labour were out of power for 18 years for god's sake, and they still regained power in 1997.
Exactly. But I still hope -presumeably against reason- that the Tories will at last hit Labour so badly that it becomes obvious that it'll be Labour's last term. And sometimes when I get really high I even hope the Tories will win. Unfortunately I can't rationally see that actually happening.

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