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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq has voted. The inevitable violence has unfortunately been there as well. Nonetheless this should be seen as progress and it is hard not to moved by the determination of Iraqi voters to make it work.
This is also a step towards victory in Iraq. In an earlier post I tried to define the conditions for declaring victory in Iraq:

It will be over on the last day coalition forces in Iraq carry out the last combat operations to maintain internal order. Of course we will only be able to determine that date in hindsight.

Today’s elections are a clear step in that direction and must be fully welcomed as such. With time, these elections will lead on to an Iraqi government that can take care of the security itself. For Iraqis this is another important milestone on the journey to getting their country back after years of tyranny and transitional foreign control (which even for those who welcome it, is hardly the icing on the cake).



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