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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well Labour has certainly secured its election victory now. As its new pledges boldy proclaim:

"Your family better off", "Your family treated better and faster", "Your child achieving more", "Your country's borders protected", "Your community safer" "Your children with the best start".

How on earth do the Conservatives, with their pledges of “Making your family worse off” “Your country’s borders open for criminals and terrorists” and “we’ll make your community drown in violent crime”, and the LibDems, with their pledges of “your child will be left behind” and “Your family being treated later and worse”, believe they stand any kind of chance. They will be simply laughed off. So, when the snap election happens in two weeks time -and this is a serious rumour going around Westminster village- Labour will completely destroy all opposition. Alternatively, people might think the pledges are just election gimmicks and the slogans used a little too vague to be of any use. I wonder.

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