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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

As you may have noticed my blog has fallen into one of its irregualar posting phases, apologies for that, especially because it’s going to last a little longer too, as I currenlty don’t have quite the neecessary peace of mind to blog properly at the moment. But at least you can look forward to some changes in a few weeks time, including a full site redesign and a proper concept for issue I will cover, which I will then cover consistently to boot. And that is surely something to look forward to.
Anyway, as this week’s stop-gap measure here’s a round-up of some interesrting bits and pieces:

- David Aaronovitch argues we were not lied to over Iraq’s wmd. Well, he makes it sound very compelling and as a hawk I’m inclined to agree, but something still doesn’t quite fit. I supported regime change anyway and continue to do so, but I’m not so sure about this issue. Let’s be honest Mr Blair hasn’t always been a hundred per cent accurate with the facts on other issue either has he? If it did turn out Blair lied, I would not change my mind about Iraq, and it wouldn’t change my mind about him either.

- Turkey continues its effort to become part of the European mainstream political culture:

Turkey renames 'divisive' animals

Even animal names can become contentious in politics Turkey has said it is changing the names of three animals found on its territory to remove references to Kurdistan or Armenia. . . . Some Turkish officials say the names are being used to argue that Armenians or Kurds had lived in the areas where the animals were found. . . .

Well, it doesn’t really bother me too much, I support Turkish membership (just about) in an EU which is more a cooperative low-key stability structure rather than an integrated state for geopolitical reasons alone, so I guess this doesn’t really affect my views. But if I were on of those Europhile integrationist types who wants Turkey to join in his happy big new nation I think I would feel distinctly uncomfortable to see Turkey continuing its campaign to deny to Armenians and Kurds that they have any historical connection to territory that formed their ancient homelands for millenia before it came under Turkish control.

- John Rosenthal explains how the outrage about Rumsfeld’s “Old/New Europe” remarks was fabricated. Given the nigh on hysterical reactions by many parts of European opinion you think he was certainly hitting some raw nerve.

- If you have never heard of the Jewish refugees of the Middle East this gives you an idea.

- Libby Purves tells us to mind our language: what do we mean when we talk of “Middle England”? Purves says it’s simply daft or/and an insult and we should stop. Quite right.

- and finally . .. the porn joke of the week (yeah I know I’m getting desperate); even though it does attach itself to a serious story:

A £6m campaign to spread information about the EU Constitution could be illegal, a Conservative MEP has said.
EU officials claim the drive will only inform and not promote a "yes" vote in referendums on the Constitution.
But Den Dover, who led the fight against the plan approved by MEPs on Tuesday, said it was part of an agenda to win support for the treaty.

I wonder if in any way he is related to Ben Dover? Or is it just a chnage in the nome de guerre? I think we should be told.

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