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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thanks to Blimpish for the links to online political surveys (I love these, btw, genuinely).
This one was quite creepy in its result I feel, I mean I am actually not that Eurosceptical at all, and on the rest of the issue I have no idea if they have any policies at all, but this is what the computer tells me how I should vote:
Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

Labour -3
Conservative 26
Liberal Democrat -20
UK Independence Party 35
Green 4

You should vote: UK
Independence Party

UKIP's primary
focus is on Europe, where the party is strongly against joining both the EU
constitution and the Euro. UKIP is also firmly in favour of limiting
immigration. The party does not take a clear line on some other policy issues,
but supports scrapping university tuition fees; it is strongly against income
tax rises and favour reducing fuel duty.

Take the test at Who
Should You Vote For

Oh dear. Well, there is a more detailed one around as well, so let’s see if it got my politics more accurately.
My general result showed:
Crime and punishment, internationalism
Your position on
this axis is 0.4
You are likely to be centrist.

Your position on this axis is 3.7
You are likely to be very
free-market and pro-war.
Well that sounds about right, whatever that exactly means. So give me more detail. On to page two where we have info

on the first and most important axis. Positions on this axis describe your views on crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law.

This is were I seriously began sweating:

You didn't tell us which (if any) newspaper you read regularly, but on your answers on this axis we judge your best match is the The Mirror / Daily Record

Not only am I supposed to be voting UKIP, but I’m even assumed to be a closet Mirror-reader? I actually read the Guardian fairly regularly, but why did they stick me with the Moron-paper? Do they think I’m stupid to boot?
I was about to become depressed but the final page was still to come,:

Positions on this axis describe your views on public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation... and Iraq

Salvation is it hand:

95.7% are significantly to your left
3.9% have views about the same as yours
0.4% are significantly to your right

Phew. What a relief. Though I do wonder what kind of nutters those must be who are significantly to my right? No, seriously, how could you be to the right of me on these issues?
Whatever, my political sef-image has at least been restored.

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