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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This story about the death of a Royal Marine trainee is on the face of it just a simple tragedy. But have a look at the way the story has been ran at the Daily Mail:

No change to Marine training despite superbug fears

Now, why is the Mail’s first instinct to put in question whether the training should be altered? Nothing in the facts as far as I can see at the moment would give any justification for such a move. But by employing such a headlining technique, the Daily Mail writer responsible is suggestively hinting that there is something wrong with Royal Marine training. And in the Daily Mail of all places! The first impression the reader is left with is the anti-military slant that somehow, an undoubtedly heartlesss and uncaring military establishment is irresponsible driving young men to their deaths. Of course this is complete nonsense.
If the accidental death by a non-military cause can be put up by the media elite as something that would necessite softer training we really do have a problem. The idea of “train hard, fight easy”will be dead in the water if troops can not even be put at risk of scratching their legs. This is just another little piece of evidence that shows how are political culture is enfeebling our ability for military readiness.

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