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Monday, May 09, 2005

According to EU-Commissar Margot Wallstrom :

Vote for EU constitution or risk new Holocaust

I report you decide . . . to throw up or so.
Honestly what is this? The next level of Holocaust denial? Did the Nazis really only try to maintain national sovereignty as an essential ingredient to liberal democracy? I recall a rather different history.
Outrageous and ridiculous in one.
I am a Euroscpetic and this is due to concerns about the erosion of democratic accountability, the shaky foundations on which the EU is being built, the direction it is taking, etc. I am not motivated by xenophobia and often find some of it that is present in the culture strongly discomforting. And -to use a cliché- some of my best friends are Europeans, my wife in spe is foreign and I think European integration is a great idea, just that it’s gone and is going too far. If that makes me a Nazi gunning for another Shoa, I should gladly volunteer for the position gas chamber operator.
Crass? This just underlines the stupidity and offensiveness of Wallstrom’s’s comments.
It also shows that the EU-boosters are starting to look a little desperate if the only counter to the many Eurosceptical arguments consists in the lowest-level name calling and impugning the motives of critics, rather than any substantive counter-arguments. (And while we’re at it, there’s an argument to be made that the EU as such increases racism.)

She should be forced to apologise for using such inflammatory rethoric. Peter Tapsel was strongly hounded for his inappropriate use of Hitler-comparison in regards to the EU and that must equally be the case for the other side of the argument. But I’m not holding my breath.

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