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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well, the temporary election result will be released on Sunday night after all. Despite some objections about the results influencing the voting in Dresden, I think this was the right decision. Newspapers and tv are going to do polling anyway, and that way the temporary result would become known anyway.
The problem at the moment is the looming grand coalition. This situation of deadlock in the polls at the moment is already having negative effects on the markets. Despite some speculations I have heard, I see no benefit in a grand coalition that the current polling situation would suggest is the only viable option. I heard on the radio earlier that the most up-to-date polling has seen a slight upsurge for the opposition parties and I certainly hope that trend continues. The other, and rather drastic step would be for the Christian-democrats to push for another round of elections. Unfortunately the reports that there are plans for this are being denied by Merkel's spokespeople. That is a shame. Nonetheless, even if there is a grand coalition, Britain can rest assured that there will be a gradual shift in foreign policy. More Atlanticist for starters, and less knee-jerk anti-American.



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