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Sunday, September 04, 2005

The trouble is really heating up now. The shooting -quite literally too- of the new Bond flick has to start within weeks if it is to be finished for its projected launch date next autumn. However, apparently nobody wants to be the man. I can understand why many actors would turn down playing Bond. The first issue is, how serious can anybody take James Bond after Austin Powers. The other problem is of course, getting stuck in the role. I think it was Pierce Brosnan who complained that people only saw him as Bond and that that limited any further acting career moves. So, unless some actor is found who doesn't mind being the same part for the rest of his professional life, there is need for another solution. It's fairly simple really. The actors just get changed over with every film. After all, which male actor hasn't occasionally dreamed about being James Bond? By only playing it once you wouldn't become to typecast either.
The other big change that the Bond brand needs is to refocus it as a spy series, rather than an action or sci-fi flick. Do you remember "Die another Day" and the invisible car? I mean, come on . . . If it became slightly more subtle more actors might become interested, and loyal fans such as me might not be quite so tempted to abandon the next film as lost to empty action mode.
Here's hoping.



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