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Thursday, October 13, 2005

As I mentioned before, Richard North's paper on military technology integration has now been published by the Centre for Policy Studies. North has an article in the Spectator introducing his work which means it has at last a slight chance this issue will get into the wider debate. As I have said before, this is THE most important issue the UK is faced with. Our future as a sovereign indepedent nation state rests on how we answer the problems that North outlines. However you feel about the issue, you must give it some thought; even though I admit this is not always as exciting an issue for everyone as it is for me. But remember, if we lose our ability to carry out military operations independently from the EU, we have lost our sovereignty. Sovereignty is after all the ability to decide over war and peace.

Links: Here's the CPS press release, a summary of the report and you can download the full paper
The Wrong Side of the Hill: the secret realignment of UK Defence Policy with the EU

Go hence and read it. That's an order.

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