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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thanks to the Aspen Institute Berlin those in Berlin who are a little weary of always hearing the same anti-war orthodoxies about Iraq got to hear Christopher Hitchens in a Berlin bar (the Max & Moritz). It was quite good fun, though it is true that Hitchens is very rude. Still, made it more interesting I suppose. I have only read him in the past and it was nice to see and hear him live. In terms of the content, those who read Hitchens, Harry's Place, Norm or similar sites will probably be familiar with most of the left pro-war argument; and if you're not, well, why not? There were a number of witty moments too. At one point, when Hitchens was laying into Colin Powell, saying that after he had become the most overrated man in America he was now trying to become the most overrated man in the world, somebody in the audience heckled in and said that titel was already taken by Kofi Annan. Well, not your average German political audience there. In terms of his style of arguing he has a lot in common with his brother really, though politically not quite so. (As an aside, judging from what Peter Hitchens' website looks like, I don't think he's quite got with this blogging thing yet . . .).
Anyways, a good event.


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