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Sunday, August 13, 2006

There is news now that "Dave" wants to change our logo. This incidentally reminded me of a little detail. Back in May I wrote a column* suggesting that Cameron was fighting the party's path back to power by the book. I observed then that this was not a metaphorical book, but was quite specifically Nicholas Boys Smith's True Blue. How Fair Conservatism can win the next election. So, what does Nick write about the current logo (p.60):
The current torch looks like a cross between a Stalinist poster and a gym advertisement.

So what should we have instead? Nick has thoughts on this as well:
We would be better off with something that has cultural or environmental overtones: a stylised map of Britain or an oak tree.

To be clear, Boys Smith may not be a new Tory super guru, but he's of the same generation and policy milieu as Cameron.
So... accordingly here is the proposed new logo as shown at ConservativeHome.com.

*Will be put up soon. I promise. . .



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