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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I am very heartened by the news that the Conservatives are standing by our commitment to oppose id cards and longer detention without trial. The Government’s trying to sound off against this naturally:

Mr Reid said: "David Davis has shown today that he and David Cameron talk tough
while acting soft."

Almost beyond satire coming from a member of this current Gov. This has been a government that creates ever more criminal offences and gives the police ever greater powers, but the net result is an increase in disorder (and crime). Perhaps it’ll dawn on them one day, that the two might be connected? Not likely with this bunch.
Let’s face it, we only have so many police, and the more tasks they have, the less well they are going to be able to do them. Not exactly rocket science. The police’s duties should be limited as much as possible to make them as effective as possible. Just imagine what the introduction, management and enforcement of this ID card scheme would waste in terms of resources and time of the police and Home Office. And with absolutely no benefit for us citizens to boot. Good on the Tories to stick the boot in. Let’s just hope they stay at it.

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