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Friday, July 13, 2007

So, further to this story about banning racist TinTin books, Tim Worstall has a good example of food that would probably not be marketed like this in the UK . . . .
Which brings me neatly to my own humble contribution: In Germany you can buy an ice cream from supermarkets called Nogger (yes, I had to read it twice too). Chocolate ice cream, as if it needed saying. Looking for some clear images of it, I stumbled upon this somewhat unfortunate historical record. Could be worse, though I'm not sure how? Ok, I guess if he was seen next to it, or eating it, might be worse. Though just to finish this, an animal in Heidelberg Zoo is called Nogger - a monkey, in case your wondering.
Seriously though, I'm not really sure when I look at this and Worstall's example, are we Brits a little too uptight and overly sensitive or is it -in this case- the Germans and Portugese who are a little off?



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