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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

UN GETS INVOLVED IN IRAQ – GOOD? On the face of it, this new UN resolution looks good, at least in terms that it has dispelled some of the diplomatic bad blood aroused by this whole Iraq business. But is it up to much more? The fact that it gives the UN more say in the handling of Iraq is not something I'm particularly keen on. If it remains restricted entirely to helping the Iraqis set up a government I think I may be able to get something out of it, but otherwise I don't really see much point in this resolution. It is unlikely that any countries are suddenly going to start clamouring to get onboard the coalition; UN resolution or not, those Spanish troops aren't going to be coming back. It will however give the naysayers a small opening to meddle around via the UN. Well, I'm trying to be optimistic, so I'm going to hope that the UN simply makes the political reconstruction of Iraq look less imposed, for what that mere impression is worth.

(For my previous scepticism of the UN and Iraq see here, here and this lengthier analysis.)

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