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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Well "success" of sorts:

Iran hails UN nuclear 'victory'
A top Iranian official has claimed a "great victory" over the US after the UN said it would not punish Iran's nuclear activities with sanctions.
. . .
According to Mr Rohani, Iran's offer to suspend uranium enrichment would only apply for the duration of talks with the EU.
"We are talking months, not years," the cleric and head of Iran's top security body said.
Officials from the UK, Germany and France are trying to get Iran to renounce its nuclear fuel enrichment programme for good.
. . .
Tehran stepped back from a similar offer to freeze uranium enrichment six months ago, sparking the current round of negotiations over its atomic ambitions.

Three Cheers for Euro-multilateralism it is then! If they do make a deal, I gues Iran could just wait a few months and then break it again. That way this news story can run in an endless loop. What joy. Except it may end of course, one day.
PS: See also here ;)

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