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Friday, April 20, 2007

Politics moves fast these days, and so do the terms used to discuss it. For the fastness see my last posting: they were released the next day, so how up-to-date was that? Anyways . . . . Here's two newies I draw your attention to:
Labrador Conservatism? Read the post it's got a few good points in it. I do wonder though whether it might be too optimistic about Cameron?
Transnationalism, is I think easier than transnational progressivism or indeed Richard North’s description, which is even more accurate: the dual international quasi-legislation/comitology mechanism. No, I don’t see that one catching on either, so transnationalism it is.

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Only squares call it transnationalism. The proper term is tranzi. Brilliant because it suggests that the transnational progressive is a combination of a transexual and a nazi.
Good point, were it for the fact that I am a square ;)
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