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Friday, June 18, 2004

Recently browsing through my archives I discovered that I have occasionally announced to look at a particular issue only to forget about it. So far I've come up with:
-the dearth of British national holidays, November 26, 2003
-update of Defence Review, December 12, 2003
-Bush and Iraq prior to 9/11, January 12, 2004
-the link between economic freedom political freedom, January 19, 2004
-the Caucasus and the EU, March 01, 2004
I wonder if I missed any? I think this is bad sytle, so I'm going to promise that within the month they will all be dealt with. No, honest . . .
Well I will certainly be getting those EU and Caucasus thoughts of mine onto paper in the next few weeks, so at least they will be dealt with.

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