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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm moving back to London and have a lot of work to get through so I won't be blogging for quite a while.
Nonetheless, if you want to read some more from me go to my writings page and read the essays and columns I've posted there. During this hiatus I will be posting new-ish stuff there. This will mainly be pieces I wrote years ago, but which I think are still interesting and worth a glance. In any case they will all be a little more rounded than my blog postings that I normally don't put that much effort into. I'll put an update in this post whenever I do.
If you want a taste of my blogging I'll give you a few semi-random samples: my first proper posting; my last proper posting; and because the links are mostly still useful, my posts on the one year anniversary of the beginning of Operation Telic/Operation Iraqi Freedom:
- Occupation and reconstruction
- British motives
- the terorism debate
- bringing it all together
And here's me analysing some statistics and here again, except more interesting.
I'm going to end by making a promise that I will resume normal blogging by October 25th, latest.
See you then.

PS: I've just had a thought. I may start blogging again earlier and also you may not be in the mood to keep coming back here to search for updates, so I've decided to offer an ad hoc mailing list: just put "timmyhawk" in the subject line and send a blank letter to tim_blog at a place called "very warm post followed by a dot and a com" (that should keep the spam away I hope). And yes, of course I'll pass your adresses on to websites offering adult interest material and Nigerian ladies seeking assistance with the handling of their late husbands' untold riches ;).

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