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Sunday, May 13, 2007

It can be painful to watch people who don't know how to look the height of fashion. It looks like the folks at the Center for Security Policy have not quite learnt this lesson yet, for they inform us that:

LOST has long been the crown-jewel of a community known as the transnational progressives ("transies") found in various quarters of this and foreign governments, international bureaucrats and non-governmental organizations. The transies seek to have supranational institutions govern world affairs, circumscribing the freedom of action and undermining the sovereignty of the American people and those of other freedom-loving nations.[my emphasis]

So, of course, have a look at this posting, the cool kids’ term is tranzies not "transies". And I note the spectre of the "community" also appears, though one might hope that in this case slightly tongue in cheek.


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